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The Ground Beneath You

A new 9 week series starts Sunday, April 30th at 9am!
(April 30th to June 25th)
Live & in-person or Online via Zoom

Drop-in as you wish or take the whole series

*If you miss a class or the times & days don’t fit into your schedule you can still purchase the series and receive the audio recordings.

(The recordings are sent out the same day class is offered.)

Classes will be held at :

3721 S Alaska St.
Columbia City, WA 98118

(street parking is available)

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The interface between you and the ground is ever present – a constant companion. The pull of gravity and the connection to the ground are some of the first sensations we experience leaving our mothers womb. Trees, plants, animals, insects, birds and babies rise up from the ground and find their place in the world. Through the course of our life, gravity begins to have its way with us in a more profound way. Our stature can erode; bowing and bending, shearing and swaying this way and that, until eventually, we make the final decent back to the ground.
It’s easy to take our relationship with the ground for granted and yet how you interface with the ground determines the ease and efficiency in how well you can sit, stand, walk and move through your life. What if you could alter the trajectory of your decent by learning  to engage with the ground in a way that provides more support, a quality of lightness, length and responsiveness to the world around you as you continue to age? Well, join me in our next series and redefine your relationship with the ground, so your future life can be a doorway to new possibilities and potential.

What you’ll discover and learn in this series:


  • You’ll learn to sense more clearly your relationship to the ground and how it influences your posture and quality of movement?


  • You’ll learn to refine more specific points of support from the ground up for ease and support in sitting, standing and walking.


  • You’ll come to understand the difference between skeletal support and muscular effort and where these two worlds meet for ideal support.


  •  learn to access the ground as a resource for leverage as you transition from one place to the next.


  • Learn to utilize the  ground as a treasure trove of feedback that lets you know where you are in space moment by moment.
Come make some wonderful new discoveries!

Awareness Through Movement®

Awareness Through Movement® Classes are a dynamic approach to learning through movement. You’ll learn to skillfully use your attention to sense where you get stuck, lost or use excess effort as you move. As your awareness grows, your ability to move with greater precision, power and elegance will become easier and easier.

In each class I verbally guide you through a series of gentle movement sequences that are done lying on the floor, sitting or sometimes standing. Each lesson is precisely crafted to improve basic functions in everyday movements such as, reaching, rolling, flexing, extending, twisting, side-bending, sitting, standing or walking. Awareness Through Movement lessons vary in difficulty and complexity and generally last from 45 to 60 minutes. All ages and movement abilities are welcome to attend class.
(Prerequisite: must be able to safely lie down on the floor and return to standing.)


“About a year ago, I found Sarah’s class at Velocity Dance and started attending more regularly. For me, she strikes a nice balance between leading me through the movements and yet challenging me to interpret it on my own. Her voice is soothing, easy to listen to. Her attitude is open and encouraging. After each session, I feel taller and lighter; my head and shoulders are stacked more over my hips and feet. My posture feels upright and easy to maintain. The longer I attend, the more natural and easy movement becomes. This seems to be the kind of practice one can do indefinitely into the future, and one that will benefit me even more as I continue to age.”


Benefits of Awareness Through Movement® Classes

  • Experience greater flexibility, balance and coordination.
  • Stand taller & move more efficiently with less effort or strain.
  • Learn to reduce and recover from tension and pain caused by injury or over use.
  • Develop internal strength through ideal organization.
  • Learn to refine and improve your favorite activities in a new way.
  • Reduce anxiety and tap into a more quiet state of mind and body.
  • learn to use your attention more skillfully and become more self-aware.
  • Experience a renewed sense of vitality and joy.
  • Learn to sense habitual movement patterns that get in your way and create new options that support you.
  • Become more curious, resourceful and skilled at improving the way you move, care for yourself and live your life.


“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one you in all time, this expression is unique. And, if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.”
~Martha Graham