“Another fantastic session with you! I arrived with discomfort in my shoulder. You started with my feet and then explored the diagonal movement from my hip to my shoulder. My shoulder calmed down and so did I! I hadn’t realized how much tension I was holding until I felt the contrast between how I felt when I arrived and how much more relaxed I felt, even my jaw, after I left. I experienced lengthening my spine and getting support from my feet, which allowed my arms to hang down from my shoulders in a new, more comfortable way. I had a new awareness of lengthening my spine and rolling today when I went swimming. Thank you, Sarah!”



“About a year ago, I found Sarah’s class at Velocity Dance and started attending more regularly. For me, she strikes a nice balance between leading me through the movements and yet challenging me to interpret it on my own. Her voice is soothing, easy to listen to. Her attitude is open and encouraging. After each session, I feel taller and lighter; my head and shoulders are stacked more over my hips and feet. My posture feels upright and easy to maintain. The longer I attend, the more natural and easy movement becomes. This seems to be the kind of practice one can do indefinitely into the future, and one that will benefit me even more as I continue to age.”



“Sarah’s online class, Finding Your Stride, was an eye-opening venture into the mechanics of walking, but more importantly, how I walk. I discovered so many things about my own patterns. With minor alterations, I hope to find continued ease in my stride, improvements in my posture, and less stress and pain in my joints. The class nurtured such focused mindfulness on such a mundane activity as walking that it now spills into my daily routine. As a teacher, Sarah brings a studied approach with a sense of humor and a trove of personal anecdotes. She’s professional, extremely knowledgeable and generous with answering any questions one might have. I highly recommend her classes!!”



“Sarah is a fantastic teacher who takes you on a journey of bodily discovery, part child’s play, part meditation. She is a fitting guide, knowledgeable, passionate about her subject, empathetic and kind. I always come out of the class moving more fluidly and feeling more in tune with my body. At age sixty-nine, I feel that this class has stopped time for me physically.”



“Having a session with Sarah is always a profound experience. Sarah has honed her skills to be able to assess how my torso and limbs are moving in relationship to each other. She then suggests alternative movements for me to explore that allow me to be more effortless and weightless. Every instruction is purposeful and engages me to be curious and to consider new possibilities. Whenever I leave a session, I feel lighter and more relaxed. It’s obvious to me, and it reflects in her work, that Sarah is deeply immersed and passionate about her profession. She is incredibly insightful and studied and can fluidly explain what she observes. I strongly recommend Sarah for anyone who is working to creatively cultivate more awareness, reorganize outside their usual patterns and improve their overall wellbeing.”



“Sarah has an eagle eye, able to keenly observe what’s happening in an individual session online.  My knee and hip joints had been uncomfortable when (trying to) sleep at night.  Sarah led me through various movements involving my foot and knee.  Sarah helped me to be aware of ways to make the movement in a more coordinated way.  By bringing attention to how I moved each side differently, I discovered new possibilities.  Before long, movements of my foot engaged my pelvis in a new way and involved my whole body, even my head.  I felt like my leg was floating.  I slept soundly with no discomfort.”



“When I have a Feldenkrais session with Sarah, I feel like she is sensing the very deep, subtle and articulate ways my joints move. Where they are flexible and where they are stuck. And she very gently moves them and encourages me to move in such a way as to allow me to relax and let go.  What was once stuck becomes unstuck and fluid. I begin to feel a connection from one small part of myself all the way through my body to another part. A feeling in my body of deep connection and three dimensionality begins to emerge. As I walk away from my sessions with Sarah, I have a luxurious and wonderful experience of being free and fully alive in my body and in the world.”



“Sarah is an incredible teacher and an all-around movement genius. As a Feldenkrais practitioner, dancer and exceptional human, she’s able to unlock the magic of the human body. Her approach to Feldenkrais is practical, fun, and seriously eye-opening. I’d recommend anyone to go explore their body from a new perspective. It will help you reduce pain, move more efficiently, and change (for the better!) the way you move in the world.”


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